30 May 2017

Tuesday 30 May 2017

Our King’s College Gaming Club, founded by Year 13 student Nick Lai (Parnell), were recently part of The High School League eSports competition.

The High School League (HSL) is a free national competition for New Zealand High Schools, with the 2017 competition involving 50 High School teams from across the country.

The competition takes place over 12 weeks from 6 March, with each team playing against each other in a 10 week round robin tournament. The students involved compete against other schools in the popular computer game League of Legends.  

The organisation hopes that the competition will engage students in their playing field and use their love for video gaming to build teamwork, sportsmanship, social connections and help break down barriers.

The King’s College team consists of five team members and three reserves and was founded by Lai earlier in the year, after trials at the College.

Lai says the core reason for founding the club was to create a social platform for students to interact.

“We’re really excited about the future potential of this club and for gaming to be  co-curricular option offered to students,” says Lai .

“I am hoping to build the Club throughout the school year and create an intra-school tournament.”