05 Apr 2017

Wednesday 05 April 2017


For Cameron Mataira (Year 13, Selwyn), taking the lead in the Glee Club performance of Jesus Christ SuperStar this year had its genesis from when he first picked up the trumpet at aged nine.

Continuing with the trumpet at aged 11 he took up the guitar as a “practical and universal instrument” so that he could strum along to his favourite songs. Ultimately, this led to him singing at and at the age of twelve he started song writing.  At thirteed, he had already taught himself to play piano. 

Now a multi-instrumentalist also Cameron enjoys singing, performing and writing his own original music.

“I love to play all these instruments because it relaxes me. Whenever I'm stressed, I sing and have a strum on my guitar.  Sometimes I write music to reflect my current mood.”

Cameron, who is also Head of Selwyn House, is the lead in the Burtones and the Premier Concert Band – all of which have been key goals for him at the College. 

“I play in bands because I love working alongside people who share a similar love and passion for music. For me, playing my instruments always gives me a sense of clarity of what's going on in my life.” 

He says King's has given him the platform to perform his own original music and to play in bands which have toured nationally and in Thailand.

“King's has allowed me to perform in musicals and talent shows which I would never have had the confidence to play in if I hadn’t have come here. I also get to enjoy private tuition from some of the greatest musicians in the country.”

“My time at King's will, at the end of the day it will be a great memory. I will cherish the friendships and memories I have made throughout my 5 years here.”

Cameron Mataira features in our 2017 “Find yourself at King’s” marketing campaign. Keep an eye out for Cameron’s billboard across Auckland, on ads on Facebook and in a variety of key publications.