14 Aug 2018

Tuesday 14 August 2018

King’s Music students received some excellent results at the KBB Music Festival this term, with the College coming away with gold, silver and bronze awards for their efforts.

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Held in the third week of Term 3 at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the annual music event hosts more than 45 schools in four different categories.

Performing from King’s was the String Orchestra, Little Big Band, Symphony Orchestra, Premier Concert Band and Concert Band.

Music teacher Chris Artley was thrilled with another successful year at KBB.

“We received our first ever gold for Little Big Band, which was a huge achievement for the students,” says Chris.

Leader of the Little Big Band, Jack Williamson (Year 13, Averill), was also very happy with the first place. "The Little Big band has exceeded expectations this year and put in an outstanding performance at KBB. I hope that they will continue to improve each year," he says.

The Symphony Orchestra were also a highlight, receiving the trophy for best performance of a Classical Work by a Symphony Orchestra, for their performance of Overture from Don Giovanni.

Furthermore, the Symphony Orchestra was also nominated for best performance of a romantic work and best soloist performance for Harriet Butt (Year 13, Taylor), playing French Horn in Strauss Horn Concerto.

All the College bands that performed at KBB will again be performing at the Music Showcase, held in the King’s Great Hall Thursday 30 August.

The KBB Music Festival Results

KC Little Big Band - Gold Award
KC Symphony Orchestra - Silver Award
KC Premier Concert Band - Silver Award
KC String Orchestra - Bronze Award