13 Sep 2016

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Young Wu (Year 13, Averill) and Michael Daya-Winterbottom (Year 13, Marsden) have been selected to attend the United Nations Youth NZ Global Development Tour.

The tour will start in January and go through to February. It is a month-long educational tour which takes 22 bright young leaders to cities that are leading the charge in achieving the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Wu and Daya-Winterbottom will be visiting organisations such as UNESCO in Paris, EU Parliaments in Brussels, the World Trade Organisation, and the UN Headquarters in Geneva.

Wu says he is most excited to go to the Youth Assembly, as it will allow him to represent opinions he has about current issues and learn from other participants all over the world.

“This opportunity will enable me to observe issues from a different perspective particularly due to the different economic, political and social situations present in different countries,” says Wu.

Both students applied for the tour online and are two of the 22 delegates chosen following the interview and selection process.

The tour will give Wu and Daya-Winterbottom an insight into how the various nations are embracing challenges and modifying their priorities in order to achieve the SDGs.