15 Aug 2016

Monday 15 August 2016

Amay Aggarwal (Year 13, Peart), has excelled in two significant achievements in the French language arena.

Amay Aggarwal

In February this year, Aggarwal enrolled in Massey University’s Advanced French Language paper - a third year French university level paper - via distance learning.

Over a period of four months he submitted six assignments, averaging almost a 90 per cent grade average. Each assignment involved an oral, written and a comprehension component and each took more than several hours to complete.

He had his final exam on 18 June which included three hours of writing and a 15 minute oral exam.

His lecturer at Massey University was “very impressed by his tenacity, maturity, and mastery of the French language throughout the course." 

Aggarwal came out of the exam with an A grade and couldn’t be more thrilled. He noted that, after completing the paper, he felt his fluency in french has improved.

“It was very rewarding to attain an A grade at the end of the semester,” says Aggarwal.

“I also feel that it has improved my french fluency and command of the language.” 

Aggarwal also competed in the NZAFT national story writing competition in July where he won first place for his essay on “nous sommes ce que nous mangeons” (we are what we eat).

He is also looking at sitting the DALF exam towards the end of the year to certify his fluency in French and is keen to pursue the language well into the future.

“I am interested in travelling to the French regions in the Pacific over the summer holidays for volunteer work and to put my French to good use,” says Aggarwal.

Editor’s note: NZAFT = The New Zealand Association of French Teachers.