22 Mar 2018

Thursday 22 March 2018

It was an enjoyable evening for the King’s Oaks Fellowship members who attended the Fellowship of the Oaks biennial dinner on Thursday 15 March, providing a great opportunity for the College to show appreciation for those who have generously served the College.

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The King’s Oaks Fellowship is a special community made up of members of the Board of Governors, members of the Board of Trustees, presidents of affiliate groups, and past Headmasters.

The evening began with a reception in the Chapel Close, followed by a dinner with Chairman of the Board of Governors, Ross Green, leading the proceedings.

“I see this very special biennial event as a way to celebrate the past, present and future contributions members of the Fellowship of the Oaks have made to the College,” said Ross.

“When I look around this room tonight, I see people who have made huge impacts in their fields of business and the community, I see people who have made huge impacts on the College, and for some of you who are also Old Collegians of the College, your journey started at King’s.”

The event also served as a welcome to the Fellowship’s newest members: David McConnell, John McKay, Garth Williams, Liz Barnett, The Very Reverend Anne Mills, Shan Wilson, Reverend Warner Wilder and the Hon. Simon Power.

As a special guest for the evening, it was also wonderful to have Mike Flanagan (Peart, 1951-55) in attendance. Mike was presented with a King’s oak leaf created from limited edition cast bronze, sourced from the trees on the Memorial Drive at the College.

Mike was gifted this token in recognition of his support to the College and his financial contribution to the upcoming development of the Performing Arts Centre.

With both student performances and musical entertainment from the College bands, the dinner truly was a memorable occasion for all.

The King’s Fellowship of the Oaks look forward to their next event in two years’ time.