09 Aug 2016

Tuesday 09 August 2016

Morgan Baxter (Year 9, Marsden), auditioned for the role of a young Edmund Hillary, a few months ago.


He was up against hundreds of others auditioning for the same role. After numerous auditions, callbacks, and several weeks of waiting, Baxter was finally told that he had been given the role as the ‘Young Edmund Hillary’ in the upcoming TV series, Hillary

“The night we got the news, the whole family was thrilled and so was my agent,” says Baxter.

Baxter was incredibly excited to be a part in a TV Series playing a Young Sir Ed and was most excited about the people he would work with. 

“The opportunity of meeting people in that line of working and working with them was a brilliant experience,” he says.

The new TV series, Hillary will appear on TV One August 21 2016.