01 Mar 2018

Thursday 01 March 2018

by Chloe Hwang and Miwa Chapman

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This year’s Otahuhu Fun Day garnered the support and enthusiastic involvement of 160 King’s College students.

Proudly representing the school, they were dressed in the iconic King’s College supporters’ top. The amazing effort they put in was evident through the bustling numbers of families crowding around their stands. 

The fun filled day began at 8.30am, with students setting up the stalls for sausages, cupcakes, face painting, fruit and water. After the flood of children and adults arrived, our students were completely engaged in their various activities. Children were eager to get their faces painted, and a variety of vibrant pictures were seen throughout the day. The cupcake stall was incredibly busy; despite the number of cupcakes surpassing one thousand, the stall had none left by midday. Zumba carried on the fun as a large party of students and families alike participated in the lively dance moves. 

At noon, the Burtones’ live performance added a jazzy flair to the event. Harriet Butt, Head Girl for 2018, sang lead for ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’. The crowd was easily relishing in the feel-good vibes of the show. By 2pm, the Otahuhu Fun Day was coming to a close. Our students kindly helped to pack up the stalls of other groups, in addition to their own. Additional equipment, including the messy tools of face-painting, were cleaned up and packed away. 

The Otahuhu Fun Day is an annual event that is dedicated to celebrating the culture and community of Otahuhu. It continues to provide an incredible opportunity for King’s College to get involved and interact with others in such a considerate way. 

A special mention must be made to Mrs. Carrington, Rev Watson, Mr. Auva’a, and Senior Sacristans Josh McLaughlin, Madeleine Frazer, Izzy Foord, and Joo Hyung Yoo. Joo offered some insight into the behind-the-scenes organisation: “Despite it being such a big event, it was a relatively smooth process, thanks to the skills and drive of everyone involved… our hard work pays off every time, it is such a rewarding feeling seeing the smiles on people’s faces.”

By Chloe Hwang (Year 13, Taylor) and Miwa Chapman (Year 13, Middlemore).