31 Aug 2018

Friday 31 August 2018

The King’s Archery team narrowly missed out on winning the St Peter’s Invitational Cup Tournament on Sunday 26 August, with St Peter’s retaining the trophy for 2018.

310818 Archery


“Despite a very strong run from Finn Matheson (Year 11, Marsden), who gained the highest score of the day with 569 and 10 exes, the team as a whole was unable to keep pace with a determined St Peter’s team” says Barbara Law, Head of Archery.

“Our team was weakened by the lack of any compound archers; whose score is generally higher than that of a recurve archer. Teams were permitted up to two compound archers and St Peter’s had these.”

The team would like to say a special thanks to the spectators who came out to support at 8am in freezing conditions. Special award to Thomas Gollins’ father for making a much-need coffee run and Finn Matheson’s mum for taking many fine photographs.

The team was made up of Finn Matheson, Thomas Li, Daniel Sinclair, Thomas Gollin, Douglas Wang, Timothy Reeves and Nicholas Reeves