12 Mar 2015

Thursday 12 March 2015

Year 13 King’s College student Isabella Jorgensen has become the first New Zealander to win a scholarship to the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design, SCAD.

Isabella was awarded the prize for Academic Scholarship and Creative Achievement and in July she will travel to Atlanta, Georgia to study.

Isabella said her course is essentially a whole semester’s work squeezed into six weeks, but the intensity will be rewarding.  Entry to SCAD is extremely competitive (less than 50% of those who apply are accepted), but succeeding in this particular course would give her a head start in their full-time undergraduate programme when she finishes at King’s College later this year.

Isabella credits her teachers with helping her to identify and apply for the scholarship to SCAD.  King’s College invited SCAD to present to classes and about their ‘Rising Star’ programme.  Keenly aware of both her ability and interest, Head of Visual Art and Design Mr. Chas Foxall, assisted Isabella in getting together all that was required for the application.  Isabella sent a portfolio of work off to Atlanta along with a substantial amount of supporting material. This enabled Isabella to demonstrate her commitment to her subject and her outstanding record.  Her accomplishments include winning the school prizes for both Graphics and Design, as well as achieving straight Excellences in Level 2 Design in 2014.

Mr Foxall said that he is thrilled for Isabella and that winning this scholarship will enable her to truly develop her skills.  She has proven that she is not only talented, but prepared to work hard.

We wish Isabella all the best for her trip.