18 Nov 2016

Friday 18 November 2016

Aspiring golfers at King’s College will be able to benefit from accredited PGA professional tuition, thanks to the launch of the King’s College Golf Academy in partnership with the Royal Auckland Golf Club and Grange Golf Club this week. 

The King’s College Golf Academy will be open for membership to all interested students from Years 9 to 13 as the College and Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club work together to nurture a pool of young aspiring golfers and home-grown talent.

King’s Head of Sport Jim Potts, says the key objective of this partnership is to introduce the game of golf to interested students and to make it more accessible to students – boys and girls – attending King’s College.

“From a sports perspective, King’s is committed to producing well-rounded sportsmen and women, and really nurturing our own ‘home grown’ talent,” says Potts. “It is an opportunity for us to offer golf as a mainstream sport via a structured, professionally delivered and sustainable programme.”                                                                                  

“With the planned expansion of the facilities and the course, this is a very exciting opportunity for the College to strengthen the partnership with the Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club.

“Just a couple of minutes walk away, King’s students will have direct access to one of the best courses in New Zealand  We look forward to working with the Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club to build a great opportunity and experience for the students,” says Potts.

General Manager of the Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club Rob Selley says this is a significant step in the long history the College has with the Club.

“We’ve existed side by side since 1910, and we have fostered a strong and co-operative relationship with each other over the years,” says Selley.

“It is fantastic to be working with King’s to help aspiring young golfers reach their full potential in this sport.”

The King’s College Golf Academy will be administered from the Club’s side by the Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club’s Director of Golf, and from the College’s side, by the Head of Sport and the Teacher-in-Charge of Golf.

Tuition will be provided by accredited PGA professionals who will be contracted by the Club to provide this tuition.

The Academy will also include Junior Membership of the Club for students, providing access to all golfing facilities.


The King’s College Golf Academy Programme will run each term, as per the below schedule:

Term 1: February/March/April across 10 weeks

Term 2: April/May/June across 9 weeks

Term 3: July/August/September across 9 weeks

Term 4: October/November/December across 8 weeks


Lessons will take place on the following days and times:

Terms 1 and 4: Tuesdays and Fridays* from 3.30pm – 5pm

Terms 2 and 3: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3.30pm – 5pm

*On some Fridays during Terms 1 and 4, twilight competitions over 9 or 18 holes will be held.

Please click here to access more information on the programme, including costs and coaching structure.

For more information and to register, please contact King’s College Head of Sport, Jim Potts, by Friday 2 December: j.potts@kingscollege.school.nz / +64 9 276 0625.