23 May 2016

Monday 23 May 2016

For many students at King’s, Small House and Big House are two of the most anticipated events on the College’s busy calendar, and the 2016 edition of the annual House Music competition did not disappoint.

For the competition, all of the students in each of the 11 Houses at King’s spend countless hours rehearsing for Big House, with each House selecting their most musically talented students to form an ensemble of up to 15 members to enter in the Small House competition.

This year’s Small House competition, held on Friday, 13 May, was won by Averill, who performed Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars, having last won in 2014. School House came a close second, performing You To Me Are Everything by The Real Thing, whilst Selwyn came in third with a lively rendition of Earth Wind and Fire’s September. As is customary, these three Houses performed their Small House items the next week at Big House.

With the standard already set high by an exciting and competitive Small House competition the previous Friday, students spent their final week of preparations endlessly rehearsing their Big House items. The 79th annual Big House Music competition was held at Vector Arena on Friday, 20 May. Highlights of the night included a lively rendition of It’s Time by Imagine Dragons from Averill House (who placed third in Big House and also third overall), Major’s performance of Happy Together by The Turtles which saw them reach second place in Big House, and a spirited rendition of All Night Long by Lionel Richie from School House, with a first place in Big House and winning them the Overall title.

We extend our congratulations to the victorious House Music Captains, and our thanks to all the students for their effort and commitment, and to the staff, especially Ms Bridget White, Mr Chris Adams and Mr Glenn Howell for their contribution to running what was an unforgettable House Music competition.

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Full results for the House Music Competition for 2016 are as follows:

Winner of Overall House Music: School
1. School (262)
2. Major (256)
3. Averill (252)
4. Selwyn (234)
5. Greenbank (233)
6. Marsden (232)
7. Taylor (228)
8. Middlemore (219)
9. St John's (216)
10. Peart (202)
11. Parnell (193)

Winner of Big House Music: School
1. School (131)
2. Major (127)
3. Averill (119)
4. Greenbank (116)
5. Marsden (110)
6. Taylor (108)
7. St John’s (107)
8. Selwyn (104)
9. Middlemore (103)
10. Peart (100)
11. Parnell (85)

Winner of Small House Music: Averill
1. Averill (133)
2. School (131)
3. Selwyn (130)
4. Major (129)
5. Marsden (122)
6. Taylor (120)
7. Greenbank (117)
8. Middlemore (116)
9. St John’s (109)
10. Parnell (108)
11. Peart (102)

Winner of Top House Music Captain: Bianca Escobar-Flaunty (Middlemore)

Michael Daya-Winterbottom (Year 13, Marsden)
Cultural Prefect