23 May 2018

Wednesday 23 May 2018

On a drizzly Sunday, 114 Greenbank students, parents and staff joined forces with 160 other volunteers and Sustainable Coastlines representatives to clean-up of the Ngakoroa stream in Auranga, Drury.

230518 greenbank clean up


This was a following a ‘Love your Coast’ presentation from Fletcher Sunde of Sustainable Coastlines, who spoke to Greenbank House on the importance of looking after what we love, the impacts of single-use plastics on the marine environment, and what we can do to make a difference for our coasts and waterways.

Housemaster Daniel Rattray said it was great to see so many of the House and the parents get involved in such a good cause. “On the surface it didn’t look like there was much rubbish there, but in only a short time we managed to gather a lot,” says Daniel. “I think a lot of people were taken aback by how serious this issue is, despite it not being totally visible all the time.”

All participants battled rainy conditions to get stuck into the estuary clean up, removing five cubic metres of rubbish that would have otherwise flown down the Drury Creek into the Pahurehure inlet and out into the Manakau Harbour.

“It was a hugely successful, fulfilling, eye-opening and rewarding experience being involved in keeping our environment clean,” says House Sacristan George McLaren (Year 13, Greenbank).