30 Mar 2015

Monday 30 March 2015

On a beautiful autumn afternoon, Year 9 students from Greenbank House arrived at King's College for what was promised to be an exciting and fun-filled night.

The Greenbank Overnight, an annual event, was held on Saturday, 21 March. The Overnight is a chance for the Year 9 students to mix and mingle with the Year 13 students, with the aim of getting to know them a little better.
The first activities for the Year 9s was the FIFA Tournament and casual games of table tennis, which was followed by a game of touch on the tennis court just outside Greenbank House. As the game was being played, several of the Year 13s, who organised and hosted the Overnight, cooked up a feast of sausages and burgers on the barbeque. After all the boys enjoyed this dinner, the FIFA Tournament was continued until semi­-finalists were established.

After the sun had set, the boys headed to the field to play 'Capture the Flag'. With one flag by the Music School and the other at the far end of the field by the Mackay Trail, we split into two teams. The first and only capture of the game was by the Red Team, using the element of surprise to overwhelm the defenders. After the game ended, in a 1­0-0 victory for the Red Team, everyone returned to Greenbank House.

To wash off the dirt and sweat, we went for a swim in the school pool, and played Marco Polo and a few rounds of Bullrush; generally having fun. After a long day, there was one more activity; the FIFA Tournament Final. This was played in the Lecture Theatre and had Aleck Qiu face off against James Walsh-­Hisco. An intense game finished with a 1­1 all draw, leading to extra time and then penalties, in which James won. Finally, the exhausted Greenbankians returned to the House to get some well deserved sleep.