17 Feb 2015

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Every Sunday, Monday and Friday this term the Glee Club is rehearsing for this year’s production of Grease, under the guidance of director Jeremy Birchall and Head of Music, Mr Chris Adams.

There is a fairly short rehearsal period with opening night just over a month away on Wednesday, 25 March. So far the rehearsals have been full of energy and the cast of 30 students, drawn from all year levels, have been having a great deal of fun.

Jeremy, who is also a professional choreographer, has been impressed by how quickly the cast is learning the moves and their willingness to immerse themselves in the 1950s characters.

The Head ‘greaser’ Danny Zuko is our very own Head Boy, Chas Wakefield, who last year played the mysterious narrator in Blood Brothers. New girl Sandy Dumbrowski is played by Year 12 student Juliette Danesh-Meyer. The other Pink Ladies are Sapati Apa-Fepulea'i (Rizzo), Bianca Escobar-Flaunty (Frenchy), Sophie Nathan (Marty) and Holly Sutcliffe (Jan). Making up the rest of the Burger Palace Boys are Harry Legget (Kenickie), Cameron Mataira (Doody), Monty Sansom (Roger) and D’Lainee Noonan-Brown (Sonny).