06 Sep 2022

Tuesday 06 September 2022

Max Liebmann (Year 13, Averill) shares his findings as he explores how our school leaders take care of student wellbeing.

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Ensuring one’s own wellbeing, let alone the wellbeing of an entire House, can be a challenge. There is one single unifying factor that connects all King’s students, staff and teachers. This powerful force is the wellbeing of all those at King’s. As wellbeing is such an important factor in everyone’s school life, the school has switched to a new wellbeing strategy, Te Whare Tapa Whā, which ensures that factors from four dimensions – physical, spiritual, family health and mental health – are strong within each individual member of the College.

Ensuring one’s own wellbeing, let alone the wellbeing of an entire House, can sometimes be a challenge but Mrs Gina Adams, the head of King’s newest House, Marion Bruce, manages to ensure the wellbeing of all the girls in her House.

“We like to think of ourselves in Marion as a family and a community. Moving together, learning together, supporting each other,”

and with such a strong mantra like that she has employed many strategies around the House. From her office, where she greets every Year11 at the start of the year, to having a wellbeing prefect, to allocating students to mentor the younger students, there is a substantial system of interwoven wellbeing structures within Marion Bruce.

One of the most noble of Mrs Adam’s beliefs is community service. “I am a firm believer that in order to improve your understanding and wellbeing you should look to try to improve the wellbeing of others.” This belief manifests in the many community service projects she and her prefect team have launched. Marion Bruce hosted a very successful food drive last year, along with a bake sale and a programme to donate new or near-new children’s books to primary schools.


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