09 Nov 2015

Monday 09 November 2015

King’s College students were recently privileged to gain first-hand experience from Artist-in-Residence, Flox.

Born and bred in Kaitaia, graffiti artist Hayley King, now better known as Flox, spent time at the College to show off her incredible stencil work.

Renowned for her mastery of stencil, cutting and spray works, Flox uses her stencil-cutting and spray-painting skills to create art inspired by living, working and breathing a new culture, country and way of life.

During the week, she worked alongside a Year 10 class, assisting each student to produce their own individual piece of art. Flox came prepared with hand-cut stencil packs for the students, choosing a theme that fitted with the curriculum – the sea.

Providing a step-by-step tutorial, the students learnt the two phases to producing stencil artwork; the first was the stencil-cutting, the second was the spray-painting.

Every student worked hard and appreciated the chance to produce art through a different medium. Flox was very impressed with the students’ patience and attention to detail, and what they all achieved.

Typically running workshops for adults, Flox really enjoyed connecting with the children. As both her parents are teachers, she found it natural communicating and offering help and advice to the students.

As Flox also has two young children of her own, she was thrilled with the opportunity to visit King’s and feel like she was “giving back time to the younger generation”.

She has previously visited other schools in New Zealand and has several planned school-based trips in the pipeline also.

Whilst at King’s, Flox drew a great deal of attention in the Quad by producing on her own unique piece, completing it in the lunch hour for staff and students to catch a glimpse of her in action. The artwork was then exhibited at the Fine Art Sale over the weekend.


IMG 3197