13 Mar 2015

Friday 13 March 2015

On Wednesday, 11 March, the Floreat Semper Fellowship enjoyed their annual Autumn Luncheon.

Over 100 Floreat Semper members began their visit to the College with a special service in the Memorial Chapel.  

KC Legrice 028

The keynote speaker at the lunch was Headmaster, Michael Leach.  Michael spoke about his vision for King’s College, emphasizing his commitment to leading-edge pedagogy.

Michael explained that the biggest difference between the classroom of yesteryear and today is in the shift from teaching to learning.  Now students are at the centre of the classroom and in all school decision-making.

In the past students gained new knowledge but through technology, today’s generation has that at its finger tips.  In 2015 and beyond, education needs to equip students to use knowledge to predict, synthesize and analyse - all higher order thinking skills.

Michael said, “I have done some interesting things in my time; I’ve been a Principal for 16 years in some very different schools. I’m Chairman of College Sport and on the New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council.  Now, it is my watch at King’s and I am going to ensure it is the best it can be.”

The 2015 Autumn Luncheon was concluded with a Toast from Old Collegian and Past President, David Frith. 

The Floreat Semper Fellowship comprises some of the most special and loyal people in the King’s community - we look ahead to the next event with great anticipation.

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