03 Apr 2015

Friday 03 April 2015

In the final week of Term One, the First XV Rugby team travelled to the South Island to play against Christchurch Boys' High School and Otago Boys' High School.

The game against Christchurch Boys' High School, played on Monday, 30 March, was a tough encounter. We were 14-3 up in the first half, but lost our way in the second. The final score was 29-26 to Christchurch Boys.

It was a great game and the younger boys really stepped up. Two Year 10s and a handful of Year 11s didn't look out of place in a game played against a predominantly Year 13 Christchurch side. We were able to empty the bench and see everyone play. There were also no major injuries, which was great.

On Thursday, 2 April we played Otago Boys' High School and had a disappointing loss.

In front of a great crowd of Old Collegians, we weren't able to string the plays together that we would have liked to. There were areas of brilliance in our play and we looked great when hot on attack.

A late try to Otago Boys off a turnover while we were hot on attack pushed the score out to 16-30.

All of the boys got on again, which served the main purpose of the tour; to develop our players and see how they react in tough situations.

Although we lost both games, there were some very good performances, particularly from some of the younger members of the team, most notably Year 10 boys Lukas Halls and Milllenium Sanerivi