30 Jun 2022

Thursday 30 June 2022

“At King’s, there are so many ways to get immersed in the school community. All the staff and parents are very welcoming to new families."

Chinese New Fam


King’s College is rightly proud of its traditions and its students who follow in their family footsteps.

In some cases, students can trace their family links to King’s back several generations. They are an important part of the College’s story.

Then there are the new students, those who don’t have a history of involvement at the Ccollege to fall back on.

These students and their families are just as important to the future of the College.

When Sara Guo enrolled her first son Andy Wang at King’s in 2016, she determined that she should get involved too. She saw that as a way to be part of her son’s education.

So she joined the Art Exhibition committee, then the Friends Committee. It has been a significant bridge for her, and the spinoff is she believes she too should pass on her knowledge to ‘newer’ parents from the Chinese community.

“As an immigrant, I knew how hard it is when you come to a new school, so I always want to do something: building a bridge from the community to the school and encouraging more parents to be involved with what I was doing,” she said.

“As parents we feel the benefit. My kids (second son David is in his final yearYear 13 inat Parnell House) would joke ‘Mum you are more involved in King’s than we are’,” she laughed. 

She paid tribute to all those who helped her and her boys integrate into a completely new environment.

“I was helped by so many New Zealanders to fit in. I am really grateful for what we received from so many kind people, who were strangers. So, I thought, ‘What can we do in return for other new parents?’.”

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