02 Jul 2024

Tuesday 02 July 2024

Read on to learn how our students and Houses performed in the annual school Cross Country event.

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Cross Country Results 2024

On Monday 1 July, we hosted our much-anticipated annual Cross Country event. The level of competition, driven by determination and House spirit, was high as students prepared to give it their all.

Despite initial concerns about the weather, which appeared uncertain as the event commenced, we were fortunate that it held off until late afternoon, after the conclusion of the races. This allowed the entire event to unfold smoothly, providing great conditions for all runners.

The Cross Country event once again highlighted the incredible athleticism and resilience of our students. Congratulations to everyone who took part and contributed to the success of the day.

The individual results are as follows:

Junior Boys (3500m):

1st: Taylor Kijowski (Year 9, School)
2nd: Santi Barton (Year 9, School)
3rd: Issac Stedder (Year 10, Parnell)
4th: Harper Wilkin (Year 9, School)
5th: Richter Markram (Year 10, Averill)

Intermediate Girls (3100m):

1st: Evee Tan (Year 11, Taylor)
2nd: Freddie Hatton (Year 11, Middlemore)
3rd: Maddie Paterson (Year 12, Middlemore)
4th: Zoe Plowman (Year 11, Middlemore)
5th: Luca Morton (Year 11, Taylor)

Intermediate Boys (3900m):

1st: Samuel Rickerby (Year 11, Peart)
2nd: Quinn Moss (Year 12, Parnell)
3rd: Jonty Bachelor (Year 10, Greenbank) 
4th: Charlie Barron (Year 10, Marsden)
5th: Aarav Pandey (Year 10, Peart)

Senior Girls (3100m):

1st: Ariella Grant (Year 13, Marion Bruce)
2nd: Petra Grant (Year 13, Marion Bruce)
3rd: Jemma Nesdale (Year 12, Taylor)
4th: Renee Zhang (Year 13, Marion Bruce)
5th: Estella Tree (Year 13, Taylor)

Senior Boys (4400m):

1st: Redd Scampion (Year 12, Major)
2nd: Oliver Scott (Year 13, Peart)
3rd: Tom Migounoff (Year 13, St John's)
4th: Oliver Kittle (Year 12, Parnell)
5th: Luc Quesnel (Year 13, Major)


House Results are as follows:
Boys Houses:
House Points
1st: School 7
2nd: Peart 11
3rd=: Averill 18
3rd=: Major 18
3rd=: Selwyn 18
4th=: Greenbank 23
4th=: Parnell 23
5th: Marsden 26
6th: St John's 33


House Points
1st: School 4
2nd: Selwyn 15
3rd: Greenbank 16
4th=: Major 21
4th=: Peart 21
5th: Marsden 23
6th: St John's 24
7th: Parnell 25
8th: Averill 31


Girls Houses:
House Points
1st: Middlemore 189
2nd: Taylor 215
3rd: Marion Bruce 229


House Points
1st: Middlemore 110.6
2nd: Marion Bruce 114.5
3rd: Taylor 116.9