02 Jun 2016

Thursday 02 June 2016

On Tuesday, 30 May 16 Year 13 students flew to Wellington for a two-day Commerce trip.

On arrival, they went directly to the Salvation Army where they were given an insight into the work that the charity does and the great effects of the initiative.

The students later went to the BNZ Trading Floor to gain some knowledge into the banking world, and were treated to a tour of the floor. The next destination was Parliament House where they witnessed a parliamentary debate between the National Party and the Labour Party.

That night, the students went to an opera performance, The Magic Flute, and were given the opportunity to speak to the Director before the show, learning that “although profit margins are low, it is not a dying trade”.

On the second day, the students visited the Ministry of Trade where they learnt about how the TPPA would affect New Zealand. They also received a talk about how a representative from New Zealand travelled to other countries to discuss the World Health Organisation.

The last place the students went to was the Federal Bank. Here they were taught about what the bank controls such as the OCR and money supply.

Throughout the trip, many of the students found that the information they learnt was “intriguing and very informative”.