31 Jan 2018

Wednesday 31 January 2018

Five College students recently participated in the annual International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) training camp for New Zealand secondary school students, along with 22 other top mathematicians nationwide. The camp was held from 8 to 11 January at the University of Auckland. 

310118 maths stars


For Nathaniel Masfen-Yan (Year 11, Greenbank), Johnathan Leung (Year 11, Major), Fiona Leng (Year 12, Taylor), Jason Li (Year 10, Peart) and James Mead (Year 12, Averill), this is the first step in the selection process for the team that will represent New Zealand in the IMO - a prestigious competition for the brightest mathematical student minds from across the globe. 

The intensive training camp consisted of morning lectures followed by afternoon problem solving sessions. The students were taught new techniques to take on problems in the areas of number theory, algebra, combinatorics and geometry.

“For a passionate maths student, this is a lifetime opportunity to take in knowledge from peers and lecturers, to grow their mathematical ability,” says Deputy Head of Mathematics, May Meng. “It’s also a great place to make lifelong friends who share similar interests.”

To finish off the camp, the students took part in a challenging squad selection test.

Congratulations to Nathaniel and Johnathan for earning their places in the squad of 13, and a chance at being selected for the New Zealand 2018 IMO team.

Special mention also goes to James for achieving 42 in the British Math Olympiad competition. 

Note: May Meng, Deputy HOD Maths and a lecturer at the camp, runs an Olympiad extracurricular group at King’s to foster interest in this unique programme. Students attend Wednesday lunchtime sessions to practice and learn Olympiad level techniques. Contact m.meng@kingscollege.school.nz for more information.