15 May 2018

Tuesday 15 May 2018

On Thursday 10 May, thirteen King’s College shooters travelled to Taupo to contest the Murray Luke Memorial Shoot, traditionally a popular and hard-fought event.

150518 clay target shooting


This year was no exception, with more than 40 squads from around the North Island competing, representing nearly 200 shooters.

“Conditions changed throughout the day, as we shot our first round in thick fog, our second in overcast and the third in clearing skies,” says John D. Jackson, teacher in charge of Clay Target Shooting. “All of this made for different ‘seeing’ conditions which kept our shooters on their toes.”

In the opening event, the Single Rise, top performers were captain, Frank Baddeley (Year 12, Marsden) and Jeremy McCallum (Year 12, Selwyn) who managed 19/20, and Oscar Ferrier (Year 10, Greenbank) who scored 18/20.

In the Points Score, Chester Duffett (Year 12, Selwyn) scored a perfect 60/60, with Hugo Reeves (Year 12, Major) shooting a creditable 58/60.

In the final event, of 10 Single Barrel targets, first-year shooter, Oscar finished with a perfect 10 – an outstanding effort. Next best efforts were from Frank, Hugo and Louis Evans (Year 12, Greenbank) who scored 8/10.

“The first team, who were unbale to match their usual consistency finished with a total of 249/300, well outside their best and short of the mark set by the eventual winners,” says John.

Top King’s shooter on the day was Chester with a total of 84/90, missing the chance of a podium finish by 3 points.

All shooters contributed to the day with success or improvements relative to their experience, but a special mention goes out to the girls team made up of Hannah Jensen (Year 13, Taylor), Philippa Wallace (Year 11, Middlemore) and Maddison McConnell (Year 12, Taylor), who are improving with every competition.

As neither the Points Score or Single Barrel went to an individual shoot-off, Chester and Oscar placed first equal in their respective categories.

Many thanks to the dedicated cohort of parents (and grandparents) who came out to support their shooters, and those who supported  from afar.

“Especially I would like to thank Mrs. Jackie Jensen who not only transported the girls team, but who also volunteered to be their chaperone on the trip. Her assistance and enthusiasm are both welcome and infectious,” says John.