11 Apr 2018

Wednesday 11 April 2018

After a final round of tests last month, selection for the Chemistry Olympiad training camp has now been confirmed.

290817 Junior Maths Championships.jpg


Harsh Talathi (Year 12, Major) has been offered a spot at the camp after receiving top marks back from his last test,and will now join 29 other high-level chemistry students around New Zealand in the final stage of the nationwide selection process.

Regan Chen (Year 12, Averill) has been selected as a reserve for the camp.

Well done also to Cherie Yuan (Year 13, Taylor) and Emily Danesh-Meyer (Year 13, Taylor) who made it to the final round of testing.

Harsh will now attend the camp from the 22 – 26 April, held at Auckland University, and take part in a range of lectures and practical sessions.

At the end of the week, a team of four, plus a reserve, will be named for the Olympiad competition taking place in both Bratislava and the Czech Republic in July.