07 Nov 2018

Wednesday 07 November 2018

Selection for the Chemistry Olympiad is now underway, with the competition to be held in Paris, in 2019.

071118 Chemistry


In Term 3, six King’s Chemistry students, along with Year 12 students across the country, began the process of testing for the chance to be one of the four students to represent New Zealand in this annual event.

Of the six, five of them performed well enough to be part of 120 New Zealand students who will proceed to the next stage by undergoing further training to prepare for another selection test in Term 1 next year.

Marcus Ooi (Year 12, Peart) was our top student who reached the gold level, along with Aaron Chen (Year 12, Averill)who reached the silver level and Tony Zhang (Year 12, Averill), Sam Chen (Year 12, Selwyn) and Regan Luo (Year 12, Greenbank) all reaching bronze.

These five will spend the next few months learning new material and ideas as they prepare for this next selection test. After this, the field will be narrowed down to 32 students.

In the Term 1 holidays of 2019, these 32 students will attend a residential camp in Auckland where they will receive further instruction and undertake written and practical assessments before the final team to compete in Paris is announced.