25 Feb 2015

Wednesday 25 February 2015

The beautiful King's Chapel hosted an Evening Service on Sunday 22 February for students and parents from School, St John's and Parnell Houses.

This particular service was notable for two reasons. Firstly, it was the first outing for the Chapel Choir this year under the new direction of Ms Gina Sanders. Gina is a world-renowned soprano, as well as a highly qualified and regarded voice teacher. A past parent, she has previously been involved with our students as a singing tutor. We are very fortunate to have Gina leading our Chapel Choir this year, and they certainly responded appropriately with some very fine singing.

The service was also notable for the sermon delivered by Reverend Gareth Walters, astride an exercycle. The object of the exercise (pun intended) was to illustrate the fact that spiritual exercise needs the same degree of effort and discipline as physical exercise. He spoke on prayer, reading the Bible and helping others as the disciplines we should be focusing on. Gareth maintained a steady pace on the cycle throughout his sermon, much to the sutdents and parents' belief. But to his credit, he retained an impressive head of steam right to the very end. It was very much a notable performance on all counts.

Reverend Warner Wilder