29 Mar 2017

Wednesday 29 March 2017

A new initiative by teacher in charge of Media Studies Jasmine Johnson sees around 40 students gathering on Fridays to discuss, collaborate and create films. 

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The students range from Years 9 to 13 with an array of skill level and knowledge about filmmaking and editing.

Johnson was thrilled to see so many students sign up to the King’s Media Club.

“I only expected to get around 10 students but we’ve had about 30 to 40 students sign up, which is really exciting,” says Johnson.

“It’s great to see so many younger students involved, many of whom don’t take Media Studies as a subject. Filmmaking is all about developing your skills and the earlier these students start learning, the better they will become throughout their years at King’s.” 

Year 13 student Sharon Li (Taylor) and Year 12 student Lily Stelling (Taylor) are two of the Media Club leaders, and both have a keen interest in advertising and media. 

“With society becoming more media oriented, there are plenty of opportunities developing in new fields of filmmaking, so joining the Media Club was an attractive idea, as it would to help extend my knowledge and skills,” says Li.

Stelling joined the Media Club because it gives her more opportunities to be creative.

“I am interested in exploring filmmaking outside of the classroom, in a hope to better my skills and look at further career options. The New Zealand film market is becoming more and more popular with the work of directors like Taika Waititi being noticed on the international stage - it’s exciting to be a New Zealander filmmaker.”

Some of the students have already seen success prior to joining the club, such as Year 11 filmmakers Quinn Dacre (Greenbank) , Sam Herbert (Peart), Andrew Watson (Marsden) and Chris Baxter (Marsden), who have had their short film ‘The Good Clown’ included in two international film festivals in Los Angeles and New York. These young filmmakers joined the Media Club to gain more experience and to find new platforms and outlets to continue creating work and entering it in more competitions and festivals. 

The Media Club hope to film sporting and cultural events at the College and recently started a YouTube channel, which they hope to grow and to post their content on throughout the year. Click here to subscribe to their channel.