25 Oct 2017

Wednesday 25 October 2017

With the King’s College Art Sale now just one week away on Friday 3 November, the Art Sale Committee are excited to share what’s in store for this year’s Auckland City BMW House Bonnet competition. 

Selwyn Bonnet Art Sale


The theme this year is 'pride'. Each House had just six weeks to create an impressive piece of art showcasing what pride means to them, to be displayed on BMW bonnets kindly donated by our Gold Sponsor, Auckland City BMW.

Faced with an already busy period of exam study and co-circular commitments, our student artists have worked especially hard to produce a fantastic collection of bonnet art to share with the King’s College community once again. 

The bonnets will now be judged by a panel of King’s College judges and representatives from Auckland City BMW, with the winning bonnet announced at the Art Sale Opening Night Cocktail Party.

The winning House will take home the coveted Auckland City BMW trophy and a cash prize, and their Bonnet will take pride of place at Auckland City BMW’s corporate HQ.

We had a chat to the artist behind last year’s winning bonnet, Saksorn Sespattanachai (Year 13, Selwyn), to find out the process that went into creating this year’s Selwyn entry.  

Tell us about the inspiration behind this year’s Selwyn House bonnet?

Saksorn Sespattanachai: My inspiration kicked in when I was watching a science-fiction movie where there was a long shot of glass shattering. This gave me the idea to draw individual glass shards to show the history of King’s and what pride means to us. I used different colours and shapes and put the logo in the middle.

What do the other images represent?

SS: I included a College Haka performance and a scene from Big House Music. Both events involve a lot of school spirt and are also my favourite.For me, this is what King’s pride is.

Great work! What was the process like, once you had the idea?

SS: I first started off with a rough sketch, then I got the other boys to help me with the shapes and background. I did the larger images at the end. It all went to plan, though we did end up doing the final 50 per cent of the entire bonnet on the last weekend before it was due!

Selwyn House

Here is a look at some of the other House bonnets below

Major House

Major House: Our bonnet represents the Chapel, which to us is the heart of what King’s pride is. It represents our community service and all-round participation. On either side, the College colours are placed for their strong ideals. By Ben Hilterman

Marsden House

Marsden House: Our bonnet represents the modern image of the College - a simplistic approach to school pride. It symbolises the changes our school has gone through and incorporates our new logo. By George Breckon

Middlemore House

Middlemore House:Our culture is such a vibrant mix, yet I chose to focus on Māori culture because it’s where our roots are. The use of glitter shows the way in which contemporary culture can mix with history, creating an interesting juxtaposition. By Caity Alison

Peart House

Peart House: The lion represents pride for Peart House. The wave of colours appearing from the Lion's mane are representative of the colourful and passionate feeling of pride. The Māori patterns symbolise our love of New Zealand culture. By Aston Applin

School House

School House: Our bonnet represents our pride in New Zealand's history, culture and natural beauty. We wanted to recognise our Māori roots, thus the depiction of Tane sacrificing himself to separate the earth and sky, bringing light. By John Commissaris

Taylor House

Taylor House: Our bonnet represents the powerful spirit from the boys and girls combined during school activities. By Jennie Deng