02 Sep 2016

Friday 02 September 2016

On Friday 19 August Averill House and Greenbank House went head to head at the Junior Debating finals with Averill House coming out as victors.

Junior Debating Final

The moot for the final was: “This house regrets the amount of money invested by the Government in Olympic Sports”.

Affirming the moot was Averill House: Thomas Li, James Mead and Harry Aickin who showed that private funding would be a more effective model, and that increased funding into elite sports does not necessarily produce more medals. 

Nicholas Langrell-Read, Matthew Caro and Nicholas Johnson represented Greenbank House,who pointed out that the expense of our Olympic effort is worth it when one looks at the boost to national identity and the tourist revenue that might be generated.

Murray Bean, Teacher in Charge of Debating, said there were plenty of supporters in the lecture theatre for what was a good-spirited encounter.

In a split decision, the judges Murray Bean, D’Lainee Noonan-Brown and Kate Prebble awarded the debate to Averill House.

Well done to all who took part.