05 Dec 2018

Wednesday 05 December 2018

On Friday 30 November, our mixed Year 9 - 10 Māori class visited the Mangere Maunga, also known as Te Pane O Mataoho. The teachers who accompanied us were Mr Wilson and Mr Savage who were helpful because they were familiar with the land/whenua of the mountain.

051218 mangere mountain


Going to the Maunga taught me how intelligent the Māori people were by using the natural resources to grow a successful community. The guide took us on a Hikoi along and around the mountain to show us the different ways the Māori people lived and thrived on this mountain that held approximately 3000-4000 people.

For the Māori people to successfully thrive on this Maunga the guide told us that everyone, including the young ones, had a job to do and if it wasn’t done then the system or protocol would collapse. We also did a ‘food for thought’ course where each group had to make a dish. My group was tasked to cook up spaghetti bolognese. We used a heap of vegetables to show how many vegetables we should eat per day. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would love to go again.

Jarius Iosefa (Year 9, Averill)