10 Aug 2017

Thursday 10 August 2017

Cold and wet weather didn’t deter a good number of parents and students who attended our Successful Transition to Tertiary Study evening on Tuesday 8 August.

100817study evening 3


Guest speakers from the Careers and Employment Centre at Victoria University, Liz Medford and Jane Fletcher, shared their wealth of experience and knowledge in an entertaining and very informative presentation.

Key topics covered included:

  • making study choices
  • course and degree planning
  • what it’s really like at university
  • what I wish I’d known
  • developing career capital and managing future employability

There were some key messages for students to take away with them:

  • Prepare for the unknown work future by being open-minded and flexible.
  • Attend lectures, learn how to take notes and use course hand-outs.
  • Time management is essential.
  • Look after your social media presence- employers check it –even for part-time jobs!
  • Use your university’s free Careers Service.
  • Access all the student support services to get expert advice.
  • Build you skills and capabilities for a globally competitive economy.
  • Ability to articulate to future employers the knowledge skills and competencies you develop in your university study.
  • Participate in university life- internships, volunteer work, clubs and societies.
  • Life doesn’t begin and end with a career decision made at 17! You change develop and grow in your life-career.


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