08 Mar 2018

Thursday 08 March 2018

King’s College celebrated International Women’s Day this morning with a special breakfast presentation delivered by Personal Brand Specialist and Old Collegian Jo Martin (Middlemore, 1991- 92).

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With the Great Hall full of students from Taylor and Middlemore Houses, as well as College staff, it was an exciting chance to mark the occasion and raise money for Women’s Refuge New Zealand.

To begin the morning, Fabiana Mazza-Carson (Year 13, Taylor) gave an empowering spoken thought speech on the pressures women face and overcome daily, acknowledging and both celebrating what it is to be a woman.

Following Fabiana, our guest speaker Jo Martin presented to the audience her experiences working an exciting career in PR and Advertising, and the importance of diversity in the workplace. She discussed how learning to adapt in each environment is a skill every woman needs to know, and how following your passions can lead to a truly rewarding career.

Thank you to Careers Coordinator Tracey Butchers and Careers Director Wendy Carey who ran the event, and to our Women’s Day Student Group made up of Charlotte Powell (Year 13, Middlemore), Honor Williams (Year 13 Middlemore), Fabiana Mazza-Carson (Year 13, Taylor), Laura Brockie (Year 13, Taylor) and Teresa Nadan (Year 13, Taylor).

Jo Martin- “Very few of us are lucky enough to leave school knowing what we want to be when we grow up. A lucky few of you will know that you want to do medicine, or engineering or drama. The rest of you are luckier still. We don’t even know what jobs will look like when you enter the workforce. But what we do know is that you will need the ability to problem solve. You will need the ability to apply your knowledge and most importantly you will need the ability to communicate your potential.”