27 Feb 2018

Tuesday 27 February 2018

Visiting from Markham College in Lima, Peru, Nicholas (Nico) Leey Parodi has been on a student exchange at King’s for six weeks now. With his departure date just days away, we sat down with Nico to find out how his King’s experience has been.   

Nico Exchange


Hi Nico, so what made you want to come to King’s College?

NLP: I met two King’s students last year when they did an exchange to my school. I thought it was cool idea and have always wanted to learn to play Touch and Rugby.  

Were the students that came to your school your hosts in New Zealand?

NLP: Yes, their names are Stuart Macalister and Charles Cave.It worked out that I had two exchange families look after me. For the first three weeks, I was with the Macalister family. It was so fun, we went sailing through Great Barrier Island and the Marlborough Sounds where I was taught how to spearfish.

For the last three weeks, I was with Charles and the Cave family. We went to Langs beach and explored up North.

You’ve been very busy! Is there anything else you would like to do while you are in New Zealand?

NLP: Yes -  I want to go bungy jumping! Hopefully from the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

How have you found boarding life at King’s?

NLP: It’s been very easy get to know people and the food is good. After school I have been playing Touch with my friends, which is what I was really looking forward to doing. In Peru we mostly play Football.

Did you enjoy your classes at King’s?

NLP: Definitely. It’s quite like my school because we have Houses too. The people in Selwyn were so nice and the teachers were all good too.

What do you think you will you miss the most?

NLP: My friends I’ve made, blackcurrant juice and Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Milk. 

What do you plan to do when you finish school?

NLP: I would like to study Business overseas.