27 May 2015

Wednesday 27 May 2015

On Wednesday, 20 May 60 Old Collegians returned to the College for their 70 Year On Reunion.

On arrival, guests took their seats in the Chapel for a service led by Reverend Warner Wilder. They then moved to the Old Collegians' Pavilion for pre-lunch refreshments.

Next followed a musical item by current Year 12 student Sam Brown, along with Mr Chris Artley.

The Master of Ceremonies was Warwick Wilson (Parnell, 1945-49), Grace was said by Duncan Bamfield (Selwyn, 1945-49) and the Toast to the College was given by Sir David Tompkins (School, 1943-46).

At the conclusion of the main course, prior to dessert, tea and coffee, Headmaster Michael Leach addressed the Old Collegians.

After lunch, the guests also had the opportunity to go for a tour of the school with the students. 

The 70 Year On Reunion included everyone who joined the College in or before 1945.