26 Aug 2014

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Cross Country took place at King's College on Monday 25 August with hundreds of students competing.

Fantastic results were achieved both individually and for the Houses, with all the students thoroughly enjoying the occasion.

The top three winners from each section are as follows:

1st - George Cory-Wright (Greenbank)
2nd - Tyler Jerram (Major)
3rd - Charles Knox (Greenbank)

1st - Nicholas Hamlin (St John's)
2nd - Joshua Knox (Greenbank)
3rd - Max Kwan (Major)

1st - Frank Dunne (Major)
2nd - Ben Mules (Selwyn)
3rd - Jared Lowyim (Peart)

1st - Emerson Deverell (St John's)
2nd - Courtney Varney (Greenbank)
3rd - Jaimee Gibbons (Averill)

The overall winning House for Cross Country for 2014 was Greenbank House.