20170524 9630

The ‘Student Advisory Panel’ will be developing new student welfare initiatives. Fostering student voice is a key goal of this initiative, but from there we hope to see action taken on issues that are of concern to the College student body. You may have ideas to consider. For example: Mindfulness, Student Voice, Equity, Peer Support, Support group initiatives, Social Justice and links to other groups in the College such as Round Square. A primary goal will be to provide a voice to those who previously have felt that they have had it.

One of the benefits of joining this group is undertaking a Peer Mediation Course. This is an exciting and fun opportunity, which will qualify the student to be a Peace Ambassador. Communication skills and the ability to support others will improve.

The Panel promotes the Eight Institutional Values of the College. These are:

• Pursuit of Learning
• Spirituality
• Tolerance
• Gratitude
• Honesty
• Respect
• Moral Courage
• Generosity of Spirit

Initially, for 2017, the formation of the group will be mentored by two staff members, two ‘wellbeing Prefects, and will be made up of a selection of students from across the year groups.

This new group is not part of the traditional leadership pathway at King’s. What it does require is members with a growth mindset, a sense of the underlying values of the College, and a strengths-approach to problem-solving.

This group is guided by Mr McKibbin and Ms Thompson.