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King’s College was founded on a set of principles articulated in four key statements.

1. The first is the first King's College Headmaster, Graham Bruce’s declaration:

‘That King’s provides the best all-round education it is possible to obtain’

2. The second is the College motto:

‘Virtus Pollet’, most recently translated as ‘Character Prevails’

3. The third is the eight institutional values:

• Pursuit of Learning

• Spirituality

• Tolerance

• Gratitude

• Honesty

• Respect

• Moral Courage

• Generosity of Spirit

4. And the fourth:

The development of personal values and principles is vitally important at King's. In the classroom, House and Chapel, on the field and stage, King's teaches its students how to interact with each other and gives them the foundations on which character is built. Students are encouraged to grow towards adulthood with respect, integrity and honesty. They learn to exercise leadership, initiative and self-discipline, so that they leave with the necessary experience and skills for balanced future lives and careers.

Since 2013, we have celebrated one of the institutional values each term through staff and student presentations, mentor group activities, poster campaigns and guest speakers. These have promoted and celebrated the values and made the community more aware of the meaning and significance of the values. The language has become more commonplace and the aim is to continue to make the language and practices more visible and woven into the various domains of the cool - classroom, co-curricular and pastoral.

Philosophy has also been introduced to staff and students to help convey the positive psychology message from a different angle. We have celebrated ‘Stoic Week’ and explored Epicurus’ ideas on happiness.