20170524 9559

A central part of the positive education programme is the work around Character Strengths.

Using the VIA system, mentors are encouraged to use it with their menses; it is part of the Year 11 PosEd module; it is used at the intervention stage when helping students overcome certain problems; staff are encourage to use the VIA to help with ‘strengths-spotting’ of those in their care; and the wider community in general have been encouraged to use the principles to help move King’s to a more ‘positive’ institution.

Utilising Character Strengths is a vital new tool in goal setting, where the focus shifts from the unknown to the known, and encourages students to consider where they are now as a guide to developing strengths and talents, as opposed to the older way of predicting career paths based on academic results. both have a part to play, but the VIA offers a different way to think about working well now even if the future may seem uncertain.