Week 1
Monday 3 1 8.50am Beginning of Term Service and Assembly (GH) Dress: Winter No. 1s
      10MAY Adventure Challenge (to 22 May)
      Badminton: Central Zone T2 begins
Tuesday 4 2   Basketball: Zone grading begins
    7.30am Unveiling of the 2020 Leavers' Gift (CC)
Wednesday 5 3 9.00am NCEA L3 Geography Trip (Muriwai) to 3.00pm
    3.50pm King's School/KC Sports Exchange (KC)
      Girls Football begins
      Hockey: Auckland A & B Boys grades begin
Thursday 6 4 7.30am Housemasters' Meeting (Boardroom)
      Hockey: Auckland A & B Girls grades begin
Friday 7 5 10.00am King's School Music Auditions (King's School)
      Football: Senior A begins
Saturday 8   8.00am SAT (GH) to 2.00pm
    12.30pm Rugby: 1st XV v Scots College (A)
      Netball: Grading round begins
Sunday 9   10.00am Averill and Major House Chapel
    11.00am Averill House Opening (Averill House) to 12.30pm
Week 2
Monday 10 6   Michael Tuffery (Artist-in-Residence) to 21 May 
    2.45pm Y12 Senior Health Programme (LT) to 3.30pm
      Football: Boys KO Cup Round 1 begins
    4.30pm Y12 Parent/Teacher Evening (GH) to 7.00pm
Tuesday 11 7   E-learning Strategic Planning (all day)
    7.45am WWG Meeting (Boardroom)
    2.45pm Y13 Senior Health Programme (LT) to 3.00pm
    4.00pm Board of Governors Meeting (Boardroom)
Wednesday 12 8 9.00am Auckland Writers and Readers Festival Schools Programme (to 4.00pm)
    2.45pm Y11 Senior Health Programme (LT) to 3.30pm
      Hockey: Auckland C grade begins
      Squash: Open A season begins
Thursday 13 9 7.30am Boarding Housemasters Meeting (Boardroom)
    9.00am CIE Language Students and Y10 Gifted Readers visit to Readers and Writers
      Festival (to 3.00pm)
      Clay Target: Taupo College/Murray Luke Memorial Shoot (Taupo GC)
    9.30am Campus Tour
Friday 14 10   4 Period Morning (50 min) Periods 1 - 4
    1.30pm Small House Music (GH) to 3.30pm
    4.00pm Voyager Camp departs (to 16 May)
    6.00pm Rowing Awards Dinner (DH) to 8.00pm
Saturday 15     Football: Season begins all other grades
Sunday 16     Mothers Day
      Cycling: Points Race
Week 3
Monday 17 11   Squash begins all other grades
Tuesday 18 12 8.30am Y9 Social Studies Field Trip to Rangiriri (half year group) to 3.00pm
    9.30am Y11 PISA Testing (LT/Boardroom) to 19 May
Wednesday 19 1 8.30am Y9 Social Studies Field Trip to Rangiriri (half year group) to 3.00pm
    12.45pm House Photos and catchup ID Photos (Field)
Thursday 20 2 7.30am Housemasters' Meeting (Boardroom)
      Cross-Country: Central/South/East Zone
    12.45pm House Photos (Field)
    3.00pm STANZ Voluntary Immersion Camp for Y11/12/13 Spanish students (to 22 May)
    5.30pm Rugby Season Launch (Bayleys) to 5.30pm
Friday 21 3 11.00am 'King's in the City' (Northern Club) to 1.00pm
    1.15pm Holi Colour Run (Field)
    3.30pm L3 Friday
Saturday 22     Weightlifting Champs
      NISS Horse Trials (to 23 May) Rotokawa
    2.30pm Rugby: 1st XV v Aorere College (A)
Sunday 23   10.00am Parnell and Marion Bruce House Chapel
    11.00am Parnell House Opening (Parnell House) to 12.30pm
Week 4
Monday 24 4 8.00am Golf Strokeplay Championships Day 1
    9.00am Round Square Leaders Seminar (Boardroom) to 10.45am
    1.50pm Y10 Careers "Shape your Destiny" Presentation (LT) to 3.30pm
      Music Scholarship Auditions (RR) all day
Tuesday 25 5 9.15am Y11/Y12 Drama Trip (Howick Village) to 2.45pm
      Basketball: Open A/Central East begins
Wednesday 26 6 12.55pm House Photos (Field) to 1.15pm
    1.00pm Chapel Choir to Middlemore Hospital Remembrance Service (to 3.00pm)
    1.50pm Y10 Careers 'The Future of Work' Presentation (LT) to 3.30pm
Thursday 27 7 9.30am Campus Tour
    12.55pm House Photos (Field) to 1.15pm
Friday 28 8   4 Period Morning (50 min) Periods 1 - 4
      Big House Music Practices (afternoon)
Saturday 29     10JUN Adventure Challenge (to 18 June)
    10.30am KCOCA 30 Year On Reunion/Averill Foundation Members (Chapel/DH/Field)
    2.30pm Rugby: 1st XV v Dilworth School (H)
      Netball: Auckland season begins (all grades)
Sunday 30     Cycling: TTT1
    10.00am Peart and Marsden House Chapel
    7.00pm Middlemore and St John's House Chapel
Week 5
Monday 31 9   4 Period Morning: Periods 1 - 4
      Football: Boys KO Cup Round 2 begins
      Big House Music Practices (afternoon)
    7.30pm Big House Music (Trust Arena)
Tuesday 1 10 7.45am WWG Meeting (Boardroom)
      No Chapel or Day House Meetings
    9.15am Period 1 starts
Wednesday 2 11   13OED Leadership Winter Camp (Rotorua/Taupo) to 4 June
    12.55pm House Photos (Field)
Thursday 3 12 7.30am Housemasters Meeting (Boardroom)
      AKSS Cross-Country Champs (venue tba)
    12.55pm House Photos (Field)
    4.30pm Y10 Parent/Teacher Evening (GH) to 7.00pm
Friday 4 1   NZSO working with King's Orchestra (Music Rooms)
Sunday 6     NZSS Multisports Champs (Lake Tikitapu)
Week 6
Monday 7     Queen's Birthday Exeat
Tuesday 8     Staff Professional Development Day/Extended Mid-Term Exeat for Students
Wednesday 9 2   Duathlon Champs (Pukekohe Park Raceway)
Thursday 10 3 7.30am Boarding Housemasters Meeting (Boardroom)
    8.50am Jade Workshops with selected Music Students (to 12.00pm)
      New Zealand Chamber Music Competition (to 13 June)
      Snowboarding Champs (Snowplanet)
      Clay Target: Matamata College Shoot (Matamata CTC)
Friday 11 4 9.30am Campus Tour
Saturday 12   10.45am KCOCA 50 Year On Chapel Service and Luncheon (Chapel and DH) to 4.00pm
    2.30pm Rugby: 1st XV v De La Salle College (H)
      NISS Swimming Champs (Wellington) to 13 June
Sunday 13     Cycling: TTT2
    10.00am Taylor and Greenbank House Chapel
      NZSS Shooting Champs (Round 1)
    7.00pm School and Selwyn House Chapel
Week 7
Monday 14      
Tuesday 15 6   Golf: Strokeplay Champs (Day 2)
      Squash: Team Champs - Day 1 (North Shore Squash Club)
    4.00pm Board of Governors Meeting (Boardroom)
Wednesday 16 7 7.30am 13PED, 12PED, 11PED Field Trip (University of Waikato and Velodrome) to 6.30pm
    8.50am Peace Foundation training for prospective leaders (Boardroom) to 3.30pm
      Hockey: Boys Super-City begins
      Squash: Team Champs - Day 2 (North Shore Squash Club)
    6.30pm Rock Bands at Tuning Fork
    6.30pm Friends AGM (Clubhouse) to 8.30pm
Thursday 17 8 7.30am Housemasters Meeting (Boardroom)
      Y13/A2 Biology Students Field Trip (Massey University) to 3.20pm
      Hockey: Girls Super-City begins
Friday 18 9 3.30pm Choirs depart for Camp ( to 20 June)
    3.30pm L3 Friday
Saturday 19     10JUL Adventure Challenge (to 9 July)
    11.30am Sacred Heart Pre-match hosting (SDH) to 2.00pm
    2.30pm Rugby: 1st XV V Sacred Heart College (H)
      NZSS Cross-Country Champs (Hawera) to 20 June
Sunday 20     Cycling: TTT3
Week 8
Monday 21 10   Big Sing Regionals (to 24 June) Auckland Town Hall
      Football: Boys KO Cup Quarter-Finals begin
Tuesday 22 11    
Wednesday 23 12   Year 9 Exams (to 25 June) GH
      Orienteering: Individual Champs (Woodhill Forest)
Thursday 24 1   Ski Champs (Snow Planet)
    5.30pm Foundation AGM (Clubhouse) to 8.30pm
Friday 25 2 5.30pm KCOCA AGM (Clubhouse) to 9.30pm
Saturday 26     Finals for Chamber Contest groups
    11.00am KCOCA Reunion Brunch and Grammar Game (DH KC and AGS)
    2.30pm Rugby: 1st XV v Auckland Grammar (A)
Sunday 27     Swimming: Individual Champs (West Wave Pools)
Week 9
Monday 28 3 1.05pm Girls Inter-House Football (to 1.40pm) 
Tuesday 29 4 7.45am WWG Meeting (Boardroom)
    1.05pm Girls Inter-House Football (to 1.40pm) 
Wednesday 30 5 9.30am Campus Tour
Thursday 1 6 7.30am Housemasters Meeting (Boardroom)
    9.45am Y11 - Y13 Drama Trip (ASB Theatre) to 3.30pm
    1.05 pm Girls Inter-House Football (to 1.40pm) 
Friday 2 7 7.00am National Spanish Debating Competition (to 5.00pm) Rangitoto College
    1.05pm Girls Inter-House Football Final (to 1.40pm) 
    3.30pm L3 Friday
Saturday 3   10.30am 20 Year On Reunion and 1st XV game (Chapel/DH/Field)
    2.30pm Rugby: 1st XV v St Kentigern College (H)
Sunday 4     Cycling: TTT4
Week 10
Monday 5 8 11.05pm Y11 Cyber Health and Wellbeing Presentation (LT) to 12.00pm
    12.00pm Y12 Cyber Health and Wellbeing Presentation (LT) to 12.55pm
    1.50pm Y13 Cyber Health and Wellbeing Presentation (LT) to 2.45pm
    6.00pm John Parsons Cyber Health and Wellbeing Presentation to Parents (LT) to 7.30pm
Tuesday 6 9 6.00pm FSF Production Hosting (SDH)
    7.00pm Senior Production (GH) to 9.30pm
Wednesday 7 10 7.00pm Senior Production (GH) to 9.30pm
Thursday 8 11 7.00pm Senior Production (GH) to 9.30pm
Friday 9 12   3 Period Morning - Periods 1 - 3
    11.45am Assembly and End of Term Service
    1.00pm Term ends
Saturday 10   2.30pm Rugby: 1st XV v Liston College (A)
      NI Cycling Road Champs (Cambridge) to 11 July
Sunday 11     NZSS Shooting Champs (Round 2)