Date Day Time Event
Tuesday 26      
Wednesday 27     New Staff Induction Day
Thursday 28     Staff Professional Development Day
    7.30am Housemasters Meeting (Boardroom)
    3.30pm New Staff Welcome
Friday 29     Subject Options Day and Department Time
    9.00am Prefects Day (PAV) to 2.30pm
      Rowing: NI Club Champs (Lake Karapiro) to 1 February
    1.00pm Itinerant Music Teachers Meeting (Music Dept) to 2.00pm
      Auditions for Choirs/Orchestra and Bands begin
Saturday 30      
Sunday 31      
Week 1
Monday 1     Auckland Anniversary Day
Tuesday 2     Orientation Day
      10FEB Adventure Challenge (to 22 February)
      Auditions for Music/Dance (all week)
Wednesday 3 1   Term begins
    8.45am Assembly and Beginning of Term Service. Dress: Summer No. 1s
      Individual ID Photos (CC) all day
    9.00am YES CEO Conference (EY at Britomart) to 2.00pm
    3.30pm Senior and House Sacristan Barbeque and Orientation (Chapel Close) to 7.30pm
    3.40pm Tennis: Senior Boys Trials
Thursday 4 2 1.00pm Cultural Sign-ups (Quad) to 1.30pm
    2.45pm Waitangi Observance in Assembly (GH)
    3.40pm Tennis: Girls Trials 1
Friday 5 3   Individual ID Photos catch-up (CC) all day
    3.40pm Tennis: Junior Trials 1
Saturday 6     Waitangi Day
Sunday 7      
Week 2
Monday 8     Waitangi Day Observance Holiday
Tuesday 9 4 8.00am AS Art and IG Painting Students Field Trip (Hunua Dam/Auckland Art Gallery)
    9.00am YES Finance Conference (EY at Britomart) to 2.00pm
    3.40pm Tennis: Girls Trials 2
Wednesday 10 5   Swimming Prelims
    9.00am L2 Business Studies Field Trip (Chelsea Sugarworks) to 1.00pm
    9.30am Campus Tour
      Tennis: Premier Season begins
Thursday 11 6 7.30am Housemasters Meeting (Boardroom)
    8.30am Y11 NCEA Art Students Field Trip (Brick Bay and Auckland Museum) to 3.30pm
    3.40pm Tennis: Junior Trials 2
Friday 12 7   Four Period morning (periods 1 - 4) 50 minute periods
    2.00pm House Swimming Finals
    6.30pm Rolf Porter Cocktail Evening (to 9.00pm)
Saturday 13     Full Boarding Weekend
      Rowing: Head of Harbour Regatta (Lake Pupuke)
      Tennis: Senior A and Auckland Term 1 season begins
Sunday 14   7.00pm Presentation of House Sacristans (Full Boarding Service)
Week 3
Monday 15 8 8.00am 13OED Pool Day 1 (to 4.00pm)
    12.45pm House Touch
    3.30pm Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
    3.30pm Parnell House Opening (Parnell House)
      Golf: Premier Team Round-Robin begins
Tuesday 16 9 7.45am WWG Meeting (Boardroom)
    8.00am L2/L3 Painting Field Trip (Whatipu) to 4.00pm
    8.00am 13OED Pool Day 2 (to 4.00pm)
    9.00am Young Enterprise Kick-Start Day (venue tbc) to 1.00pm
    12.45pm House Touch
    3.40pm Tennis: Senior House Qualifier and 2 x Quarter-Finals
Wednesday 17 10 7.30am House Athletics: Senior Boys 3000m
    8.00am 13PED Pool Day 1 (to 4.00pm)
    8.30am L3 Photography Students Trip (Kingsize Studios) to 3.30pm
    12.45pm House Touch
    12.50pm Ash Wednesday Service
      Archery: Ranking round
Thursday 18 11 8.00am 13PED Pool Day 2 (to 4.00pm)
    8.45am KATTI Programme for selected Y10 Maori students (Te Wananga o Aotearoa,
      Mangere Campus) to 3.15pm
    9.30am Campus Tour
    12.45pm House Touch
    3.40pm Senior House Tennis: 2 x Quarter-Finals
    6.00pm Lantern Festival (Quad) to 8.00pm
Friday 19 12 7.30am House Athletics: Intermediate Boys 3000m
    8.00am Catch-up Pool Day (to 4.00pm)
    12.45pm House Touch
    3.30pm L3 Friday
    3.30pm Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
      Water Polo: Season begins
Saturday 20     Te Putake Lodge Full Boarding Weekend
Sunday 21   10.00am Averill and Major House Communion Service (Chapel)
    11.00am Averill House Opening (Averill House)
    11.00am Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
    3.30pm Peart House Mentor/Mentee Function (to 5.30pm)
    3.40pm Senior House Tennis: Semi-Finals and Finals
Week 4
Monday 22 1 7.30am House Athletics: Junior Boys 3000m
    8.30am L2 Design Workshop with Kate Hursthouse (Art Dept) to 3.30pm
    12.45pm House Touch
    3.30pm Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
    3.45pm Senior House Cricket Eliminator
Tuesday 23     House Athletic Prelims (all day)
Wednesday 24 2 7.30am House Athletics: Girls 3000m
    12.45pm House Touch
      Archery: League begins
    3.45pm Senior House Cricket: Quarter-Finals
    6.30pm Headmaster's Garden Party (Chapel Close)
Thursday 25 3 7.30am Housemasters Meeting (Boardroom)
    12.00pm AS Music Students University Lecture (to 3.00pm)
    12.45pm House Touch
      Swimming: Central Eastern Zones
Friday 26 4   4 period morning (periods 1 - 4) 50 minute periods
    2.00pm House Athletic Finals
      Yachting: Fleet Racing Regatta
Saturday 27     10MAR Adventure Challenge (to 19 March)
    8.30am Otahuhu Fun Day (to 2.30pm)
      Rowing: Aon Junior Regatta (Lake Karapiro) to 28 February
Sunday 28   8.00am Round the Bays Fun Run (to 1.00pm)
    9.00am MBH House Bonding Day
    11.00am Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
    4.00pm Greenbank Y13 and Parent BBQ (Greenbank House) to 7.30pm
Week 5
Monday 1 5 3.30pm Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
      NZSS TSNZ Shooting starts
      Aquathon Championships
    3.45pm Senior House Cricket: Semi-Finals
Tuesday 2 6   Athletics: Central/East/West Zone (Mt Smart)
Wednesday 3 7 3.45pm Senior House Cricket: Final
    4.30pm Y9 Parent/Teacher Evening (GH)
Thursday 4 8 8.00am 13OED Dive Trip (Tawharanui) to 5 March
      Tennis Championships - Day 1 (Scarbro Tennis Club)
Friday 5 9 3.30pm L3 Friday
    3.30pm Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
      NISS Rowing Champs (to 7 March) Lake Karapiro
      NZSS Keelboat Champs (to 7 March) RNZYS Auckland
Saturday 6   2.00pm Little Big Band Workshop (to 5.00pm) Memorial Building
      Water Polo: Junior ODT 1
Sunday 7   10.00am Peart and Marsden House Communion Service (Chapel)
    11.00am Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
    7.00pm Middlemore and St John's House Service (Chapel)
Week 6
Monday 8 10   Literacy Week
    12.50pm Girls House Touch 1
    3.30pm Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
Tuesday 9 11 9.15am Grandparents Morning (New students only)
      Tennis Championships - Day 2 (Scarbro Tennis Club)
    12.50pm Girls House Touch 2
Wednesday 10 12   NCEA Geography L3 Field Trip (Muriwai Beach)
    8.00am 12PED Risk Management Camp (Tawharanui) to 12 March
    12.50pm Girls House Touch 3
Thursday 11 1 7.00am Clay Target Shoot (Auckland Metropolitan CTC) to 5.00pm
    7.30am Housemasters Meeting (Boardroom)
    8.30am L2 Media Field Trip (Devonport Tunnels) to 3.30pm
      Tennis Championships - Day 3
Friday 12 2   40 Years of Girls Celebration Day (am)
    11.05am Y9 Latin Field Trip (Stardome) to 3.15pm
    3.30pm Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
      KCOCA 40 Years of Girls Cocktail Evening (time/venue tbc)
Saturday 13   8.00am SAT Tests (GH) to 2.00pm
Sunday 14   10.00am Taylor and Greenbank Communion Service (Chapel)
    11.00am Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
    4.00pm Major House Triathlon (to 7.00pm)
    7.00pm School and Selwyn House Service (Chapel)
Week 7
Monday 15 3   NCEA Geography L2 Field Trip (Tongariro) to 17 March
    3.30pm Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
Tuesday 16 4 7.45am WWG Meeting (Boardroom)
    9.00am YES Communications Conference (EY at Britomart) to 2.00pm
    9.00am L1 Media Studies Field Trip (Auckland Zoo) to 3.30pm (tbc)
    9.30am Campus Tour
    9.30am L1 Classical Studies Field Trip (Mangere Mountain) to 2.30pm (tbc)
      Triathlon Championships
Wednesday 17 5 4.30pm Y11 Parent/Teacher Evening (GH)
Thursday 18 6 7.30am A Level Marine Science Field Trip (Ahuroa) to 19 March
    7.00pm King's Oaks Dinner (SDH)
Friday 19 7 8.30am PE IGCSE Assessment Filming Day (KC) to 3.00pm
    9.00am L3 Media Students Field Trip (Devonport Tunnels) to 3.30pm
    3.30pm L3 Friday
    3.30pm Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
      NISS Mountain Bike Champs (to 21 March)
Saturday 20     NZSS Open Water Swim Champs (Blue Lakes, Rotorua)
      Water Polo: Junior ODT2
      Rowing: Maadi Cup (Lake Karapiro) to 28 March
Sunday 21   10.00am Marion Bruce and Parnell Communion Service (Chapel)
    11.00am Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
      NISS Rugby 7s Cup (Tauranga)
Week 8
Monday 22 8   Summer Tournament Week
    1.10pm Girls Inter-House Touch Rugby Competition (to 24 March)
      NZSS Tennis Champs (Auckland) to 25 March
    3.30pm Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
    4.00pm Golf: Premier Teams Semi-Finals
Tuesday 23 9   NZSS Lawn Bowls (Auckland) to 24 March
    6.00pm KCOCA Special General Meeting (Clubhouse) to 8.00pm
Wednesday 24 10 8.50am L3 Biology Human Evolution Trip (Auckland Zoo) to 12.30pm
    1.00pm Holi Colour Run (Field) to 1.30pm
Thursday 25 11 7.30am Housemasters Meeting (Boardroom)
    9.30am Campus Tour
      NISS Water Polo Champs (Wellington) to 28 March
      Yachting: Teams Racing Regatta (to 26 March)
Friday 26 12 3.30pm Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
Saturday 27     10APR Adventure Challenge (to 16 April)
      Tennis: Finals Day (Senior and Junior)
      NZSS Triathlon Champs (New Plymouth) to 28 March
Sunday 28   11.00am Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
Week 9
Monday 29 1   Paul Dillon visit (all day)
    12.00pm Friends Golf Day (RAGGC)
    3.30pm Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
    4.00pm Golf: Premier Teams Final
Tuesday 30 2 8.20am Mentor Period (no Chapel)
      Athletic Championships (Mt Smart)
    4.30pm Y13 Parent/Teacher Evening (GH)
Wednesday 31 3 8.00am 13PED Dive Trip (Goat Island) to 1 April
    8.10am Easter Service 1 (Y9 - Y11 Day Students) to 8.50am (Chapel)
      Artist-in-Residence Emily Parr (Art Dept) to 11 April
    1.15pm House Rowing (GG)
    3.30pm Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
      Archery: Prizegiving Shoot
    7.00pm Easter Service 2 (All Boarders) to 7.45pm (Chapel)
Thursday 1 4   No Mentor Period - 50 minute periods today (tbc)
    8.10am Easter Service 3 (Y12 - Y13 Day Students) to 8.50am (Chapel)
      No Assembly
    2.45pm School ends
    3.00pm Band departs for Tauranga Jazz Festival Contest
      Rugby: 1st XV Trial Match v Otahuhu College (H) time tba
Friday 2     Good Friday
Saturday 3     Easter Saturday
Sunday 4     Easter Sunday
Week 10
Monday 5     Easter Monday
Tuesday 6     Easter Tuesday
Wednesday 7 5 8.30am L3 Media Workshop (Media Studies Room) to 3.30pm
      Tennis: Premier Finals
Thursday 8 6 6.00am Clay Target Shoot (Thames CT Club) to 6.00pm
    7.30am Housemasters Meeting (Boardroom)
    8.00am 13OED Taking Action Planning Day (Maraetai Beach) to 3.00pm
      No Assembly
Friday 9 7   Mufti Day
      NISS Athletic Champs (Porritt Stadium) to 11 April
    1.50pm No Chapel or Staff PD
    3.30pm L3 Friday
    3.30pm Runathon Fundraiser (Track) to 5.30pm
    3.30pm Glee Rehearsal (GH) to 5.00pm
Saturday 10   8.00am GRE Examination (to 2.00pm)
      Water Polo: Junior ODT3
      Rugby: 1st XV v Scot's College (A)
      Glee Weekend (to 11 April)
Sunday 11     Archery: Matchplay Champs
      Netball: Auckland Pre-season Tournament
Week 11
Monday 12 8 8.00am Glee Dress Rehearsal (GH) to 3.00pm
      Kapa Haka Polyfest (Manukau) to 17 April
Tuesday 13 9 7.45am WWG Meeting (Boardroom)
    10.45am Glee Matinee for contributing schools (GH)
    7.00pm Glee Production (GH)
Wednesday 14 10 8.00am 13OED Taking Action Day (Maraetai Beach) to 3.00pm
    9.30am Campus Tour
      Swimming: Champion of Champions
    7.00pm Glee Production (GH)
Thursday 15 11   No Assembly
      Summer Photos (all day)
    7.00pm Glee Production (GH)
Friday 16 12 12.00pm Assembly and Anzac Observance Service for School (GH)
    1.00pm Term ends
Saturday 17     Rugby: 1st XV v Otago BHS (Dunedin)
Sunday 18