Date Day Time Event
Week 1
Monday 15 2 8.50am Beginning of Term Service and Assembly (CC Quad - weather dependent)
      Dress: Summer No. 1s
      CIE Exams continue (to 16 November)
    3.40pm Junior House Tennis (Mondays and Wednesdays to 5 December)
Tuesday 16 3   10OCT Adventure Challenge (to 9 November)
    3.40pm Junior House Cricket Eliminator
    4.00pm Touch: Junior season begins
Wednesday 17 4    
Thursday 18 5 7.30am Housemasters Meeting (RR)
      12PED Camp (to 19 October)
    3.40pm Junior House Cricket Quarter-Final x 2
Friday 19 6 12.00pm Volunteers Luncheon (PAV)
    1.00pm King's Sports Awards Meeting (RR)
    3.15pm IGCSE classes finish
Saturday 20     Rowing: WTMC Takapuna Regatta (Lake Pupuke)
Sunday 21      
Week 2
Monday 22     Labour Day Exeat
Tuesday 23 7 3.40pm Junior House Cricket Quarter-Final
    4.00pm Board of Governors Meeting (RR)
Wednesday 24 8 8.00am Y9 2019 Placement Tests (LT) to 12.00pm
    7.00pm Prefects Dinner (SDH)
Thursday 25 9 3.40pm Junior House Cricket Semi-Final x 2
Friday 26 10 12.30pm Y13 Leavers Service for NCEA students and families (Chapel)
    3.15pm NCEA classes finish
      Water Polo: Season begins
Saturday 27     Tennis: Auckland Junior T4 season begins
      Cricket: 1st XI competition begins (to 1 December)
Sunday 28   9.30am Sunday Fatigues
Week 3
Monday 29 1    
Tuesday 30 2   Selected Y9 and Y10 students Conflict Resolution Skills Training (PAV) all day
    3.40pm Cricket: Junior House Final
Wednesday 31  3   E-learning Strategic Planning Day
Thursday 1 4 7.30am Housemasters Meeting (RR)
    9.30am Campus Tour
      Junior House Cricket back-up day
Friday 2 5 6.30pm The Friends Art Sale Cocktail Party (GG)
Saturday 3   8.00am SAT Tests (GH)
      Rowing: RF Bennett Memorial Regatta (Lake Pupuke)
      The Friends Art Sale (to 4 November) GG
Sunday 4      
Week 4
Monday 5 6    
Tuesday 6 7 12.45pm Junior House Futsal begins (to 4 December)
Wednesday 7 8   NCEA Exams begin (to 30 November)
    4.00pm King's Invitational Athletics (KC)
    6.30pm New Parents Cocktail Function (GG)
Thursday 8 9 6.30pm Greenbank House Supper (DH)
Friday 9 10 6.30pm Marsden House Supper (DH)
Saturday 10   6.30pm Averill House Supper (DH)
Sunday 11   8.45am New Students Welcome Morning Tea for Boarders and New Girls (SDH)
    9.30am Sunday Fatigues
Week 5
Monday 12 1    
Tuesday 13 2    
Wednesday 14 3 4.00pm King's Invitational Athletics (KC)
    6.30pm Donor Thank You Event (Romer Gallery)
Thursday 15 4 7.30am Housemasters Meeting (RR)
    6.30pm Peart House Supper (DH)
Friday 16 5   Staff Interlead PD
      King's Prep Athletics Day (Track)
    6.30pm Major House Supper (DH)
Saturday 17     Rowing: Memorial Regatta (Lake Karapiro) to 18 November
    9.00am Glee Club 2019 Auditions (GH) to 12.30pm
    11.00am Choir Auditions for 2019 (Music School) to 12.30pm
    1.00pm Combined Advent Choir Rehearsal (Music School) to 3.00pm
    6.30pm Selwyn House Supper (DH)
Sunday 18      
Week 6
Monday 19 6   Y12 Leadership Camp 1 (Ahuroa) to 23 November
Tuesday 20 7   Y9 and Y10 Exams (to 22 November)
    4.00pm Board of Governors Meeting (RR)
Wednesday 21 8 4.00pm King's Invitational Athletics (KC)
Thursday 22 9 9.30am Campus Tour
      NI Junior Water Polo Champs (to 25 November) Auckland
    6.00pm College Sport Young Sports Person of the Year Awards (Eden Park)
Friday 23 10   Y9 and Y10 Te Reo Maori Field Trip (all day)
    1.00pm CIE Music Teachers Group AGM (RR) to 3.00pm
    6.30pm Middlemore House Supper (DH)
Saturday 24   9.00am Glee Club 2019 call-backs (GH) to 12.30pm
      Friends Pre-owned Uniform Sale (PAV)
    6.30pm Taylor House Supper (DH)
Sunday 25   9.30am Sunday Fatigues
      Y12 Leadership Camp 2 (Ahuroa) to 29 November (tbc)
Week 7
Monday 26 1   Y11 Programme (to 29 November)
    6.30pm Parnell House Supper (DH)
Tuesday 27 2 6.30pm School House Supper (DH)
Wednesday 28 3 5.30pm Te Putake Lodge Supper (PAV)
Thursday 29 4 7.30am Housemasters Meeting (RR)
      Rugby: Condor 7s (Sacred Heart College) to 30 November
    5.00pm Cricket Prizegiving (PAV)
    6.30pm St John's House Supper (DH)
Friday 30 5 10.00am King's College Prizegiving - Junior and Senior (Holy Trinity Cathedral) to 12.00pm
      Athletics: NZSS (Dunedin) to 2 December
Saturday 1   8.00am SAT Tests (GH)
      Rowing: Karapiro Club Regatta (Lake Karapiro) to 2 December
    6.30pm Y13 Graduation Dinner (Eden Park)
Sunday 2   5.00pm Advent Carol Service (Day House students and families)
    7.00pm Advent Carol Service (Boarders and families)
Week 8
Monday 3 6   Y9 Conservation Activities (to 5 December)
      Cricket: 1st XI Gillette Cup (Lincoln) to 7 December
      Staff Rowing Marathon Event (GG) time tbc
    6.00pm Tuning Fork rock gig
Tuesday 4 7 9.30am St Joseph's School Technology and Adventure Day (to 2.00pm)
Wednesday 5 8 8.30am Trinity Exams (LT) to 4.00pm
Thursday 6   8.30am Trinity Exams (LT) to 4.00pm
      McKay Trail Extension Opening
    1.30pm Graham Bruce Relays (Track)
Friday 7     NZSS Touch (Bruce Pulman Park) to 9 December
    11.20pm Final Assembly (GH)
    11.30pm Term ends
    12.30pm Staff and Board Luncheon (DH)