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09 Apr 2018

Monday 09 April 2018

Paul Dillon, Australasia’s foremost drug educator, is giving a series of presentations to both staff and students in the final week of term.

Paul has visited King’s for several years and conducts a three-year programme to Years 11, 12 and 13, primarily around being safe in environments where alcohol and drugs are present.  

Paul is a fantastic speaker and students remember his key messages for years to come.

On Monday 9 April he is providing a series of presentations to:

Year 11 Session:               Periods 1 and 2

Year 12 Session:               Periods 3 and 4

Year 13 Session:               Periods 5 and 6


There will also be a further presentation for staff on harm prevention. This will take place at 3.30pm. 

For a taste of Paul’s work, visit: for his student blog, or for his parent blog.