18 Feb 2016

Thursday 18 February 2016

Thursday, 18 February | 7.00pm
The Great Hall, King's College

Untamed Stories will be a captivating feature of this year's Literacy Week. 

The popular Untamed Stories returns on Thursday, 18 February with the theme of 'Muzzled Voices'. Guest speakers will be given the opportunity to speak for seven minutes on the topic of Muzzled Voices. They will not use notes, images or supporting technology during their talk. Instead, our speakers will rely on their experience, opinion and insight to give voice to those who have none.

The guest speakers include Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh, Ali Ikram, Ted Dawe, Wallace Chapman, Joanne Drayton and Kate Prebble.

For more information, please contact Acting Head of Cultural Activities Bridget White by email.