07 Apr 2017

Friday 07 April 2017

The King’s College Glee Club 2017 presents Jesus Christ Superstar.

170111 Jesus Christ Superstar Poster A2 V4 1

Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock musical, loosely based on the last week in the life of Jesus Christ as told through Judas Iscariot’s eyes. Through the telling of this brief moment in history, we discover the all too human fragility of even the most famous figures in time. Jesus still had hopes, wishes, loves and fears. The people around him had beliefs, doubts, passions and heartaches.

It explores the relationships between friends, enemies and followers in a pivotal moment in time as each character discovers something integral about themselves. What convictions did Jesus have to pursue his destiny despite all warnings of a difficult journey? What drove those closest to Jesus to betray him? What incredible depth of love kept the flame in all their hearts burning on? 

Date: 5-7 April 2017
Time: 7.00pm
King’s College Great Hall