27 Mar 2015

Friday 27 March 2015

Don't miss out on one of the most fun performances of the year!

Thirty dedicated students, who make up a cast drawn from all year levels, are immersing themselves in the flamboyant 1950s characters of Grease.

The Head ‘greaser’ Danny Zuko is our very own Head Boy, Chas Wakefield, who last year played the mysterious narrator in Blood Brothers.

New girl Sandy Dumbrowski is played by Year 12 student Juliette Danesh-Meyer.  You'll watch how this pair struggle with a romance that crosses clique lines and peer groups, all brought to life with energy and flair.

The Pink Ladies are Sapati Apa-Fepulea'i (Rizzo), Bianca Escobar-Flaunty (Frenchy), Sophie Nathan (Marty) and Holly Sutcliffe (Jan). Making up the rest of the Burger Palace Boys are Harry Legget (Kenickie), Cameron Mataira (Doody), Monty Sansom (Roger) and D’Lainee Noonan-Brown (Sonny).

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