Year nine boys studying in the library supervised by a teacher

There are many reasons why 5 day boarding at King's works for both students and their families' busy lives. 

Boarding boy at home with family

With 5 day boarding, weekends are a time to connect with the family.

It offers our students the best of both worlds: time to focus on their studies during the week, and time for family at the weekend, plus the chance to practise sport or cultural activities before and after school, while the world commutes. 

By opting for 5 day boarding at King's, your child can get the most out of every day. 

All of our boarders can choose to stay in their boarding House at weekends or they can request approved leave for the entire weekend, or leave on Saturday and return either Sunday night or Monday morning. 

Throughout the year we offer a programme of weekend activities which give our boarders new experiences and opportunities for learning, adventure and fun. 

If you'd like to find out more about a King's College all-round education in 2020, talk to us now. 

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