010400 2017 Our Strategic Plan

King’s College aims to provide excellence in teaching and learning within a well-balanced educational context involving the academic, cultural, social, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of life.

Our overarching goal is to bring out the best in our students as the independent school of choice in New Zealand. 

Discover our vision for the College, and our mission, values and goals through to 2020.

Goal 1

Develop future-focused curriculum, pedagogy and learning environments


Goal 2

Progress personalising student learning and learning programmes


Goal 3

Build leadership capacity so that the College becomes recognised for this strength


Goal 4

Build a College culture of evidence-based reflection, review and improvement


Goal 5

Advance a future-focused boarding culture and environment


Goal 6

Best in class co-curricular beyond academic achievement


Goal 7

Ensure long-term sustainability


Goal 8

Ensure long-term financial viability