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Our 2019 annual goals and tactics help us to deliver our strategic plan. They set out a clear pathway for all involved with the King’s success story to do their part in putting the College’s strategy into action.


Strategic goal

Related 2019 annual goal

Best personalised all-round education with a focus on academic excellence and enabling each student to achieve their aspirations at King’s College and beyond.

Student focus:

  • To re-establish student achievement rate goals for 2019.
  • To implement and offer one-to-one mentoring to Year 12 and Year 13 students.
  • To align student and staff leadership programmes.
  • To further the mentoring and leadership developed with junior students

College focus:

  • To publicise and inculcate further the Best All-Round Education Model.
  • To ensure the delivery of Power BI to parents, students and staff.
  • To investigate in 2019 in readiness for the implementation of a Best All-Round Education Integrated Curriculum offering for 2020.
Safe, diverse and inclusive learning environment with exceptional staff and a future focused curriculum that respects the traditions and values of King’s College.

Student focus:

  • To assess the impact and effectiveness of the new Junior Curriculum.
  •  To create and implement a Sport Strategy and continue the progress of an enhanced and expanded Performing Arts programme.
  • To continue the focus on delivery of programmes associated with EOTC.

Staff focus:

  • To offer a differentiated modular professional development programme to staff aligned to professional development goals arising from the appraisal processes.
  • To continue Power BI training to staff.
  • To build Te Reo capacity in staff.
  • To continue to grow student agency and voice to College feedback and the appraisal of staff.
  • To continue a focus on quality teacher recruitment and retention.

College focus: 

  • To ensure that student/staff capacity is enhanced through training and development.

  • To continue to grow a culture of evidence-based development and leadership.

  • To achieve the automation of Health, Safety and Wellness data reporting including staff and student emotional wellbeing.
Long term environmental, infrastructural and community sustainability with demonstrated fiscal responsibility.

Student focus:

  • To contnue the development of future roll strategies. 

Staff focus: 

  • To see the Regular Review Schedule to completion.
  • To develop and implement Human Resource systems.

Colleges focus: 

  • To ensure required ICT infrastructures and systems are in place to support future demand and requirements.
  • To achieve a budgeted EBIDA.

  • To continue the momentum of the Master Property Plan including the completion of the Performing Arts Centre to construction.