Community Service

King's College aims to provide its pupils with the best all-round education, and it is with this in mind, together with the Chapel's call-to-service, that we encourage students to grow in their concern for others and be involved in community initiatives that make a difference.

Each year, an average of five hundred students at the College engage in all types of community service. Each week, students volunteer their own time to help those in the community who really need it and this coming year, the opportunities continue.

In 2015, students have scope to get involved in a variety of community outreach, including assisting with the Pin-Drop Foundation, Middlemore Hospital Reception, Kidz First Children's Hospital, visiting IHC and retirement homes, Women's Refuge Centre, Refugee Centre, and helping with our College Homework Programme, Reading in Schools, and visiting daycare centres and Brain Injury Rehabilitation.

As well as this, the programme includes one-off voluntary events such as charity drives for Kidz First and Ronald McDonald House. 

At King's College, we believe that one of the ways Christianity is best expressed is through service to others. It is our hope that the students learn that freely giving themselves to the service of others is a lifelong and highly rewarding opportunity.

Let us love, not just in word and speech, but in truth and action

1 John 3:18